'STAY TUNED: I could say something brilliant at any moment'  Ray Clark  
Ik heb het boek 'STAY TUNED: I could say something brilliant at any moment' van Ray Clark gelezen en heb nog wat foto's opgezocht waarvan ik in het boek voorkom. Ik heb foto's van de boottocht die we in juni 1979 naar de Mi Amigo hebben gemaakt.
Ik weet zeker dat je die graag wilt zien! De foto toont Peter Chicago en Ad Roberts aan dek, net nadat Peter is gewekt in zijn hut onder het achterdek.
Toen we met onze boot bij de Mi Amigo waren, was Mack Jacobs op de radio met zijn programma 'Baken 16' en liet hij het thuisfront in Gouda weten dat ik om de Mi Amigo voer. Helaas heb ik er geen opname van.
I finished readin Ray Clark's book 'STAY TUNED: I could say something brilliant at any moment' and looked up some more photos of which I appear in the book. I have a photos of the boat trip we made to the Mi Amigo in June 1979.
I'm sure you'd love to see it! The photo shows Peter Chicago and Ad Roberts on deck, just after Peter is awakened in his cabin below the aft deck.
When we were at the Mi Amigo with our boat, Mack Jacobs was on the radio with his program 'Baken 16' and he informed the home front in Gouda that I was sailing around the Mi Amigo. Unfortunately I don't have a recording of it.
'By summer it was time to take another voyage out to sea. Together with my Dutch chum Hans and a couple of others, we hired a boat from Brightlingsea to visit the Mi Amigo. On calm seas, and after a smooth three hour journey, the battered and rusting radio ship appeared on the distant horizon. On such a clear day, the huge radio mast could be seen from miles away. As our boat pulled alongside the radio ship a couple of the crew came out to say hello. “Is Peter up yet, we’ve come to visit him”, said Hans. And as he came out onto the deck, Peter immediately invited us on board. It seemed that my yearning to get onto the ship was about to be fulfilled. “Er, I‘d rather you didn’t”, said our skipper. He was happy to stay alongside to enable us to chat to the crew members and take photographs, but he didn’t want us to go onboard from his boat. He feared that he could be prosecuted for taking us out to the ship, although providing we didn’t take part in the broadcasts or deliver any supplies then no crime had been committed. It was a memorable day, but it could have been so much better'
I also have a film of that day, but it needs to be digitally made.
Photo Hans van Dijk.




Peter Chicago en Ad Roberts in het gangboord van de MV. Mi Amigo in juni 1979.  ©Foto Hans van Dijk1979/2023



STAY TUNED – I could say something brilliant at any moment!
Mijn goede radio vriend Ray Clark heeft een boek geschreven over zijn leven en radio carriere, een aantal keren kom ik in zijn verhalen voor, dit is wel een leuke gebeurtenis en ik dacht opeens de foto's staan in een mapje op de computer. Dus hierbij de foto's!
My good radio friend Ray Clark has written a book about his life and radio career, I appear in his stories a number of times, this is a nice event and I suddenly thought the photos are in a folder on the computer. So here are the pictures!
"On yet another holiday to Holland I went to Hilversum, a place that once appeared on every wireless dial and the Dutch radio capital. My visit was to the studios of Hilversum 3, the national pop radio station. My friend Hans and I were invited in as the country’s pop chart, The Nederlandse 40, was being broadcast. Songs in that chart included, ‘Shine Silently,’ by Nils Lofgren, ‘The Devil Went Down To Georgia,’ by The Charlie Daniels Band, and ‘Money’ by the Flying Lizards. The regular presenter of the national chart was former offshore DJ Lex Harding, the guy I’d listened to years earlier on Radio Veronica. It was the first time I’d ever been into a real radio studio whilst it was on air. It was fascinating to watch the show in progress and my dream of getting involved was rekindled yet again."
Het boek is hier te koop:



  ©Foto Hans van Dijk1979/2023